Published January 11, 2020

Switching sides

Exploring how certain MVHS athletes handle playing different sports

El Estoque
Published November 17, 2019

Coming up short

Exploring how different members of the MVHS athletic community attempt to overcome different types of defeats in their athletic career and team season

El Estoque
Published October 31, 2019

Seeds of Tranquility

Investigating the growth of Tranquil Tuesday

Sophia Chen
Published October 31, 2019

Tranquil Tuesday Interactive Timeline

Tranquil Tuesday volunteers discuss their selected activity

El Estoque
Published October 28, 2019

Food with a side of feelings

My brother and I bond over cuisine

Aditi Dixit
Published October 17, 2019

Eat, pray, jam

Exploring how different members of the MVHS athletic community prepare for games and practices

There’s so much that goes into an athlete's preparation before they compete — fueling their bodies, focusing their minds and even connecting with themselves spiritually. Athletes have a specific, personalized rituals and routines they rely on to perform at their highest potential. “Eat, pray, jam” explores how different members of the MVHS athletic community mentally, physically and emotionally prepare themselves to achieve athletic excellence. Scroll to view the package.
El Estoque
Published October 16, 2019


For National Cyber Security Awareness Month, teachers and professionals delve into digital identity protection

El Estoque
Published September 21, 2019


An exploration of political autonomy 

El Estoque
Published June 2, 2019

College crossroads

Exploring four MVHS teachers’ unique college experiences

El Estoque
Published May 31, 2019

By Zara Iqbal and Jai Uparkar
Published May 19, 2019

An omelette-less life: reflecting on inevitable change

By Claire Chang

My struggle as a senior to leave this stage of life for college
El Estoque
Published May 19, 2019


Published February 8, 2019

Learning how “nobody’s broken” at Challenge Day

How my skepticism towards Challenge Day turned into a greater appreciation of my community

El Estoque
Published October 27, 2018

Three dancers. Three journeys.

MV Andaaz members share their dance backgrounds

El Estoque
Published October 23, 2018

Playing the Erhu

Sophomore Andie Liu explains how she came to play the Chinese violin

El Estoque
Published October 19, 2018


Staff members at CUSD and MVHS compare the differences between bullying in elementary, middle and high school

El Estoque
Published September 24, 2018

A matter of time

Exploring the schedule changes across the Fremont Union High School District

El Estoque
Published May 25, 2018

Taking Care

Acknowledging family as they age 

El Estoque
Published May 23, 2018

In motion

Step into the lives of dance team officers

El Estoque
Published May 23, 2018

Life in the lights

MVHS seniors reflect on the importance of arts in their lives

El Estoque
Published May 20, 2018


El Estoque
Published April 15, 2018

Changing principles

MVHS prepares to say goodbye to its principal of 14 years

El Estoque
Published April 15, 2018

Climbing towards a new beginning

Taking a closer look at Stark’s accident and how it has affected his retirement

El Estoque
Published April 14, 2018


Students, teachers and history teacher Margaret Platt reflect on her impending retirement

Bill Cheng and Jai Uparkar
Published April 13, 2018

Spotlite 2018

An overview of the spectacle and people behind it

El Estoque
Published April 8, 2018

School Resources

Looking at how students use school resources

El Estoque
Published April 1, 2018

Shredded: The winter sport of shredding

How snowboarding fits into the lives of MVHS students

By Carol Lei and Anthony Moll
Published April 1, 2018

Skateboarding: MVHS students’ stories in skating communities

A look at the skateboarding stories of several MV students

By Rana Aghababazadeh and Julia Yang
Published March 25, 2018

The San Jose march for our lives

Bay Area citizens gather in San Jose on March 24 to protest for gun control

El Estoque
Published February 8, 2018

National Girls & Women in Sports Day celebrated at girls basketball game

Game against Fremont HS dedicated to national day ends in victory 59-41

El Estoque
Published January 31, 2018

A different direction

Students and counselors discuss misconceptions and experiences at single-gender schools

El Estoque
Published December 11, 2017

From static to dynamic

Drama teacher Sara Capule and drama students discuss the portrayal of bad and good characters in fiction

Sarah Young and Anish Vasudevan
Published December 8, 2017

Fulfillment: A world of woodworking

Engineering and Woodshop teacher Ted Shinta discusses the origin of his interest in woodworking

Helen Chao, Chetana Ramaiyer and Chelsea Wong. Feature photo by Karen Sanchez.
Published November 18, 2017

The making of a boy band

Charlotte Chui, Karen Sanchez and Elizabeth Han
Published November 7, 2017

“Me Too”: MVHS alumni share their sexual assault stories

Victims of sexual assault share their stories through the #MeToo movement on social media.

El Estoque
Published September 9, 2017

Keeping up with the class of 1982

MVHS class of 1982 reflects on how they’ve stayed in touch over the years

El Estoque
Published March 30, 2017


El Estoque
Published November 24, 2016

The commitment of waiting for merchandise

El Estoque
Published November 24, 2016

Nine of the funniest Black Friday horror stories

Black Friday shopping tradition creates unforgettable stories for both retailers and customers

El Estoque
Published September 1, 2016

Fear of crime brings communities together

Community believes Proposition 47 may lead to more burglaries

El Estoque
Published September 1, 2016

Administration perspective: Crime on campus

El Estoque